Breaking bread together is a way to remove barriers, explore new cultures, and build stronger relationships.
October 12, 2017 at 7:00pm
Kim Son
10603 Bellaire Boulevard
Houston, TX 77072


Host Committee


Please contact Ahmad Alaswad for more information:
(713) 776-4700

The Event

The Alliance for Multicultural Community Services will host its first annual international food and culture celebration on Thursday, October 12, 2017 from 7-10pm at Kim Son restaurant. United We Dine is an opportunity to celebrate Houston’s diversity while highlighting the important work Alliance does to help refugees and underserved individuals in the community.

Chefs will give attendees the opportunity to virtually transport themselves to various countries and regions through the culinary expertise of about 20 unique restaurants. Each will offer a small plate featuring their signature dish. During the event, patrons will be entertained with live performances from the finest artists representing various cultures from around the globe.

We hope that you will join us in our efforts to highlight the extraordinary power of food. Food can forge friendships. Hold families together. Keep communities close. And spark celebrations!

The Cause

Alliance for Multicultural Community Services has transformed the lives of thousands of refugees and other community members for over 30 years. Alliance’s mission is to create opportunities for refugees, immigrants, and underserved residents to achieve their goals for self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life. Alliance is the premiere nonprofit organization for welcoming and empowering refugees, immigrants, and underserved residents who face financial, educational, health, language or cultural barriers to realizing their dreams. To help clients overcome those barriers, Alliance provides holistic services including youth empowerment, intensive case management, adult education, workforce training and development, financial coaching, and small business development support.

  • Between 400 and 500 people are expected
  • Members of a diverse Houston community that support Alliance for Multicultural Community Services
  • Local and state public officials
  • International food lovers!
Our Sponsors and Supporters








Drs. Muzammil Hanif and Sophia Banu • Jacob and Jennifer Mizulski • Dr. Sherif and Mrs. Tara Zaafran

Saki Indakwa • Layla Misgina • Drs. Patrick Leung & Monit Cheung • Eric Lewis • Mustafa Tameez • Kheang Ven & Family
Participating Restaurants
Owner/Chef: <b>Sintayehu</b>
Cuisine: <b>Ethiopian</b>
Owner/Chef: Sintayehu
Cuisine: Ethiopian
Owner/Chef: <b>Omer Yousafzai</b>
Cuisine: <b>Afghan</b>
Owner/Chef: Omer Yousafzai
Cuisine: Afghan
Owner/Chef: <b>Zafar</b>
Cuisine: <b>Persian</b>
Owner/Chef: Zafar
Cuisine: Persian
Owner/Chef: <b>Annie Rupani</b>
Cuisine: <b>Dessert</b>
Owner/Chef: Annie Rupani
Cuisine: Dessert
Owner/Chef: <b>Tiffany Odewale</b>
Cuisine: <b>Nigerian</b>
Owner/Chef: Tiffany Odewale
Cuisine: Nigerian
Owner/Chef: <b>Sarah Ali</b>
Cuisine: <b>Dessert</b>
Owner/Chef: Sarah Ali
Cuisine: Dessert
Owner/Chef: <b>Stacy Holt</b>
Cuisine: <b>Dessert</b>
Owner/Chef: Stacy Holt
Cuisine: Dessert
Owner/Chef: <b>Fadi Dimassi</b>
Cuisine: <b>Mediterranean</b>
Owner/Chef: Fadi Dimassi
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Owner/Chef: <b>Carlos Chavez</b>
Cuisine: <b>Filipino</b>
Owner/Chef: Carlos Chavez
Cuisine: Filipino
Owner/Chef: <b>Rebecca Lian</b>
Cuisine: <b>Burmese</b>
Owner/Chef: Rebecca Lian
Cuisine: Burmese
Owner/Chef: <b>Uncle Binh</b>
Cuisine: <b>Vietnamese</b>
Owner/Chef: Uncle Binh
Cuisine: Vietnamese
Owner/Chef: <b>Sohail Feroze</b>
Cuisine: <b>Southeast Asian</b>
Owner/Chef: Sohail Feroze
Cuisine: Southeast Asian
Owner/Chef: <b>Abed</b>
Cuisine: <b>Dessert</b>
Owner/Chef: Abed
Cuisine: Dessert
Owner: <b>Francesco Rallo</b>
Cuisine: <b>Italian</b>
Owner: Francesco Rallo
Cuisine: Italian
Owner/Chef: <b>Zee Maswadi</b>
Cuisine: <b>Dessert</b>
Owner/Chef: Zee Maswadi
Cuisine: Dessert
Our Honorary Chairs

Many thanks to our generous honorary chairs for helping host this inaugural event!

  • Donna Cole
  • Mandy Kao
  • Dr. Patrick Leung
  • Dr. Asim Shah
  • Mustafa Tameez
  • Event Chair: Saki Indakwa
Our Host Committee

United We Dine would not be possible without the support of our dedicated host committee members:

  • Binyam Afworki
  • Elliot Gershenson
  • Esther James
  • Savann Kruoch
  • Dr. Peta-gay Ledbetter
  • Kaila Lewis
  • Eden Misgina
  • Jerry Wilt
  • Maisaa Zaza