Houston Food Bank

Partnering with Houston Food Bank

Alliance is excited to announce a partnership with the Houston Food Bank. By combining financial education with nutritional support, more low-income families will be able to get back on their feet.

Houston Food BankHouston Food Bank is offering food scholarships to Alliance’s financial education program participants. The food scholarship will help to alleviate the cost of quality groceries and possible non-food items like deodorant and toilet paper and encourage participants to use the money they saved to employ our programs. We hope to sustain program participants by supporting them through our partnership with Houston Food Bank, furthering their expenses and dedication to completing the program and continuing their journey towards financial self-sufficiency.

The Financial Opportunity Center serves refugees, immigrants, and low-income residents of Harris County who will commit to engaging in at least two of three services we provide: income-support, career, and financial coaching. These programs are not isolated services; rather, they are integral parts of our program’s integrated bundled service model. Clients enrolled in a wrap-around service model, such as ours, are more likely to maintain consistent communication with their coaches, updating them on successes and challenges. For more information about these services, please visit our Financial Opportunity Center Page.