Driver’s Education Empowers Refugees

After escaping conflict in his home country, Fisseha, his pregnant wife Meseret and their four-year old daughter found a temporary home in an Ethiopian refugee camp. A twenty-three year old college graduate, Fisseha came with his family to the United States as refugees in August 2012. Fisseha knew some English, FullSizeRenderbut Meseret did not, and both needed to help support their young and growing family. Within two months of arrival, Fisseha obtained a full-time assembly job through the Alliance Employment Department. A few months later, Fisseha and Meseret welcomed their second daughter. In February 2013, Fisseha enrolled in the Center for Financial Opportunity at the Alliance, a THRIVE Program, and created an IDA matched savings account to save towards purchasing a house for his growing family. In March 2013, Fisseha enrolled in the Credit Builder Loan program to further save for purchasing a home. While working his full-time assembly job, Fisseha earned a driver’s license through the Alliance Drivers Education Program, and bought a car shortly after. With his new driver’s license, Fisseha began parking cars as a valet driver, while his wife began working a full-time assembly job with Goodman. In October 2013, he was hired as a driver for Super Shuttle. Now that both Fisseha and Meseret are full-time employees and they and their daughters are adjusting well to American life, Fisseha and Meseret are expecting to purchase a home in the near future.

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