Alliance Receives Generous Gift from CF Real Estate Services

Alliance was humbled to receive a generous donation of $22,420 from CF Real Estate Services on November 2, 2017. CF Real Estate Services is an Atlanta based property management company that, similar to Alliance, strives to put people first and create living communities where residents feel serviced, appreciated, and welcomed. This sort of environment is vital for refugees seeking sanctuary after being forced to flee their homes, often under traumatic circumstances.

This contribution will directly support rental assistance for some newly arrived refugee families. Rental assistance is a temporary support mechanism Alliance provides to help people get back on their feet after experiencing hardship. The primary goals are employment and self-sufficiency which many of our clients are able to achieve.

Most of this donation will be utilized to assist refugee clients in the Preferred Communities program. This program helps single mothers, unaccompanied minors, and those with complex health and medical needs through intensive case management and community support. Because of the added hurdles these individuals face, emergency rental assistance is often the difference between stability and homelessness.

Alliance for Multicultural Community Services thanks CF Real Estate Services for this monetary gift and their generous support helping refugees in need!